22 May 2006

Food:Missing the muffin

Why can't we get these in Canada?

Yes, they are kosher. Just don't use ham when you make your Eggs Benedict.

*Update: because we at KosherVancouver are so concerned about your welfare, and the epidemic of Muffin Deprivation, we contacted Thomas' English Muffins via their website. They called us back, and told us to call the parent company's Canadian branch, George Weston Limited. Weston in turn told us to contact the Vancouver office, which we did. Or rather, tried to. The number they gave us was out of service. After some investigative work, we found a document online with the company name, which allowed us to backtrack and look up the new phone number, where we left a message. We shortly received a call back from the sales manager at the local office, who told us they are looking into bringing Thomas' English Muffins into BC. But they'd likely not be brought up from the States, but be baked by the bakery in Ontario, which is not under supervision.

If you know of any other English Muffins that are kosher and can be found in BC, please let us know!

19 May 2006


KosherVancouver has been successfully and completely moved. All previous blog entries are now located here. Browse away!

18 May 2006

Food:Indian summer

Two new product lines make it easier to enjoy Indian cuisine at home.

Taj Mahal® Flavour of India bottled condiments include a variety of chutneys and curry pastes. These locally produced foods bear a BCK hechsher and are 100% natural. The chutneys are also vegan and gluten-free.

mango chutney

Kitchens of India ready-to-eat Indian Cuisine are vegetarian, 100% natural, contain no preservatives and are kosher certified. Dishes include Dal Bhukhara: Black Gram Lentil Curry; Aloo Mutter: Diced Potato and Pea Curry; Rajma Masala: Red Kidney Bean Curry; Navratan Korma: Mixed Vegetable Curry; Pindi Chana: Chick Pea Curry.

Now if we could just find kosher papadams!

Dan-D Foods carries both lines.

08 May 2006

Superstore:No name? No treif!

Fresh veggies don't need a hechsher. Certain frozen veggies don't need a hechsher, according to some (plain, uncooked, no sauces or oils added, etc.). Canned, however, is a whole different ballgame. And finding canned vegetables with a reliable hechsher can sometimes be a challenge.

Be challenged no more! Superstore now has canned, hechshered vegetables (okay, they may have had them for a while, but we just noticed them). You creamed corn fans (corn muffins, anyone?) can get satisfaction via MK:

Green beans according to the OU?

Ooh, here's a fun idea for one of those treasure-hunt games: go to Superstore and see how many different hechshers you can find for the canned vegetables!

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05 May 2006



is not


We were not happy having to confirm that VH Lite Soya Sauce with the generic "K" in the generic circle was actually certified by the OK. Why bother having a corporate logo?

04 May 2006

Restaurants:Add this to the list!

Hey, Vancouver has another kosher restaurant added to the mix! We haven't yet been, so if anyone has checked them out, let us know what you think of the place. And what they serve... We've heard falafel, but don't know for sure.

Under supervision of BCK
Spice Restaurant and Catering - Dairy (not chalav yisrael)
3134 West Broadway