06 March 2007

Clean your lettuce, the Pesach bunny's coming

Okay, so we know people go overboard for Pesach. For some reason we here at KV feel it's important to ensure under the dryer is spotless for Pesach. But Kosher-for-Passover lettuce? C'mon.

from BCKosher:

We at KV recognize the convenience of having pre-triple washed, ready-to-eat fruits and veggies. It's a great service that Pos`tiv provides. And we're okay with having to pay a little more for this convenience (and it is a convenience. If you've ever had to wash 12 heads of spinach, you know what we mean), but announce it as just that: a convenience.

Let's not add to the already (mostly unnecessary) stressful preparations for Pesach. There are probably some poor folks, trying to being machmir for Pesach, in a panic right now, thinking that if they want salad for Pesach, they have to spend 9 bucks on a bag of Kosher for Passover lettuce. We at KV have to admit that for a moment - a split second - we experienced a bout of panic, thinking that all these years we've been buying regular lettuce and Shite! We've treifed our Pesach dishes.

If you want to buy pre-checked lettuce
Pini's Pizza
729 West 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Kindly contact Pini With your order before March 18 2007 (Tel: 604-879-7100)
Romaine Lettuce 908g for $8.99
Romaine Leafs 284g for $4.49
please do. But buy it because you want to, not to because you think you have to.

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