22 December 2005

Kosher Alerts:Hurry! Run, run as fast as you can

to the nearest store and stock up on Hostess Twinkies while you still can!

Kashrut.com announced that Interstate Bakeries Corporation is discontinuing their kosher certification of Hostess Twinkies distributed in the Northeast as of December 27, 2005. You can reach IBC at 800.483.7253. (This product was previously certified by the Triangle K).

Now, this may not affect western region Twinkies, but really, do you want to take that chance?


15 December 2005

Food:Seeing is not believing

There have been so many kosher alerts lately regarding labelling vs. ingredients (ie, dairy items not having a dairy designation on the label) that we decided to do a general, overall reminder:



You may resume your previous activities.

Food:Mac-Off update

There's been an addition made to the Mac-Off entry. One more into the mix!

13 December 2005

Kosher Alerts:Check your labels!

We'll have a real entry soon. Honest.

From the OU:
Fleischmann’s Original Margarine
This certified product contains dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel. The product mistakenly bears an OU-Pareve statement on the outer carton. The individually wrapped margarine sticks correctly bear the OU-D symbol. Corrective action is being taken.


08 December 2005

Kosher Alerts:Don't go breaking my hearts

From COR:

This is to advise that:

Sardo Marinated Artichoke Hearts
were inadvertently labeled with an unauthorized COR. This product is not kosher certified and is being recalled.

Hershey TopScotch Butterscotch Syrup
was inadvertently labeled with a DE designation and should have been marked "dairy"


05 December 2005

Miscellaneous: Missing in action

Well. Finally.

Weeee're baaaaa-aaack.

That was pretty sucky. We're looking into one of those pay blogs so things can be more reliable here at KosherVancouver.

Anyone want to sponsor a blog for $5 a month? Anyone?