10 April 2008

It's not kosher food, but it's a kosher flat

Posting on behalf of a friend tight with the former-Vancouverites-now-in-Jerusalem group. Please email us at koshervancouver@gmail.com if you're interested. Feel free to forward.

My Roommate will be in America for about two months this summer and am looking for a mature responsible female to sublet her room in Nachlaot this summer.

May 13th-July 20th (Dates are negotiable)
$500/month (if rent is paid up front early in full there may be a discount of $25/month)

- Utilities included except electricity (approximately $20/month)
- Internet and cable television included (there is a television however it is rarely turned on)
- Fully furnished
- Large bedroom
- Kosher dairy kitchen
- Washer/Dryer
- Mirpeset
- Centrally located
- 5 minute walk to the Shuk
- 10 minute walk to Ben Yehuda/center of town
- 10 minute walk to the central bus station
- Mature responsible roommate :-)

Please contact me or forward to someone you know who may be interested.
Thank you so much & warm regards,



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