18 February 2008

Miss the Spice? It's now twice as nice!

If you've been missing the falafel, soup, pizza and especially the amazing lasagna at Spice, then get yourself down to Falafel Plus immediately!

The owner of Spice has re-opened as Falafel Plus & Catering, and is now located at 446 West 8th Avenue.

We here at KosherVancouver took it upon ourselves to immediately head to FP&C when we got the notice from BCK about a new kosher restaurant, and we were very pleasantly surprised to see Spice's owner behind the counter! The food was yummy as ever, although they were out of soup by the time we got there for dinner take-away. The pizza looked terrific, the salads wonderful, and the lasagna was mouth-watering.

FP&C is also now carrying frozen goods - knishes, bourekas and spinach rolls. Not sure if that's a permanent thing, but it was there when we visited.

Menu items are either Pareve or Dairy Chalav Yisroel. The phone lines weren't set up yet when we went, so it was cash only, but FP&C was anticipating being able to accept Interac and credit cards soon.

Falafel Plus & Catering is located between Cambie & Yukon - behind Wendy's, but you can't get there from Cambie during the RAV construction. There's plenty of parking, just make sure you come down Yukon.

Please call Simon at 604-724-5252 for more information.

Welcome back!



Blogger Chabad Chammer said...

We ate there on Sunday & Monday this week, and can say that the food is phenomenal here. Like you we were thrilled to see the former owner of Spice there. I am now back on the Island and am craving one of his falafels right now.

2/26/2008 10:16 a.m.  
Anonymous Yosi said...

Loved the falafel! definitely an awesome kosher spot to check out.

1/10/2009 7:03 p.m.  

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