08 April 2008

Pesach guides

BC Kosher has come out with their Pesach guide. It has the basic information, and probably would have been more helpful if they had listed "regular" supermarkets that carry Kosher for Passover products (ie, which Safeway has the best stock, does Choices carry anything, etc.), instead of just telling us what we already know: Sabra's, Pini's, Omnitsky's, Kosher Food Warehouse.

However, the Passover page is still worth looking at, as it mentions Seven Seas for fish, and has a link to download the guide. Importantly, there is also information about what items need a hechsher and which do not. And, reminders to buy milk, eggs and sugar before Pesach starts. We at KosherVancouver find ourselves running out to the store nearly every year 15 minutes before the Chag begins in a frantic dash to buy enough milk. Maybe this year we'll remember Thursday.



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