27 October 2005

Kosher Alerts:Halloween Kosher Alert

Yes, we know Jews don't technically observe Halloween, but that doesn't mean we can't buy the candy, does it?

HERSHEY’S HALLOWEEN PACKS are labeled with the COR symbol on the outside of the package.

Please note: The package contains the following individually wrapped candies:

- Nibs
- Twizzlers
- Twizzler Sours
- Jolly Ranchers – not authorized

Please note that Jolly Ranchers are not kosher certified and were inadvertently put into the package.

So to those of you who may have gotten excited over thinking you could finally have a watermelon JR again: sorry.


Miscellaneous:Best Kosher airline food

Can you guess which airline has the best kosher meals? Can ya, can ya?

How's this sound (from AirlineMeals.net):
- roast leg of lamb with Parisienne potatoes
- green beans and carrots
- farfalle pasta and ratatoille salad
- wild berry cake
- roll
- cheese & biscuits (hmm. They're sealed, but still... perhaps the cheese is parve?)
- bitter chocolate
- A choice of Tea and Coffee, Red Wine and Table Water

You can find all this (LAMB?!) on...

Qatar Airways.

Yes, the national airline of the Arabian Gulf state of Qatar, under the leadership of CEO Akbar Al Baker serves the meal above in Economy class.

Beats the hell out of Air Canada's frozen orange juice and overcooked beef stew with noodles.

We found this list on AirlineMeals.net. Scroll down on the left-hand menu to the bottom to find "Kosher" then click on Qatar Airways.

Peruse the other airlines while you're there, and post your own airline kosher meal horror story!

14 October 2005

Superstore:Coffee confusion

Upon checking to determine if President's Choice Gourmet whole bean coffee, we at KV noticed the pre-packaged PC Gourmet Coffee carries an MK hechsher. However, there was no pre-packaged PC Gourmet whole bean decaffeinated coffee, so we scurried to the computer to look up PC Gourmet Coffee on the MK website.

No luck.

However a search brought up the COR site. According to the COR site, all President's Choice Gourmet whole bean Coffees are COR certified, including the decaf.

So then why do they carry an MK hechsher?

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12 October 2005

Miscellaneous:Yom Kippur

G'mar Chatima Tova!

May you have an easy and meaningful fast.

11 October 2005

Miscellaneous:Blogging blahs

sigh Sorry for the ModBlog problems.

Anyone interested in sponsoring us for a TypePad account? It's less than $5 a month. And the categories are way better.

10 October 2005

Miscellaneous:Top Ten New Kosher Symbols

10. Cardiac Hospitals: to be supervised by the Heart-K

9. Medications: to be supervised by the Tablet-K

8. Robitussin and Triaminic syrups: to be supervised by the Cough-K

See the rest of the list at bang it out.com

Hat tip: Rav Schachar