27 October 2005

Miscellaneous:Best Kosher airline food

Can you guess which airline has the best kosher meals? Can ya, can ya?

How's this sound (from AirlineMeals.net):
- roast leg of lamb with Parisienne potatoes
- green beans and carrots
- farfalle pasta and ratatoille salad
- wild berry cake
- roll
- cheese & biscuits (hmm. They're sealed, but still... perhaps the cheese is parve?)
- bitter chocolate
- A choice of Tea and Coffee, Red Wine and Table Water

You can find all this (LAMB?!) on...

Qatar Airways.

Yes, the national airline of the Arabian Gulf state of Qatar, under the leadership of CEO Akbar Al Baker serves the meal above in Economy class.

Beats the hell out of Air Canada's frozen orange juice and overcooked beef stew with noodles.

We found this list on AirlineMeals.net. Scroll down on the left-hand menu to the bottom to find "Kosher" then click on Qatar Airways.

Peruse the other airlines while you're there, and post your own airline kosher meal horror story!


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