14 September 2005

Miscellaneous:New Boss in town

BC Kosher has a new Kashrut Field Supervisor. This summer, Rabbi Eli Lando arrived from Israel with his wife, Shterni, and their infant son, to take over the post vacated by Rabbi Teitelbaum, who moved on to supervise Ottawa’s kosher community.

A trained mashgiach and shochet, Rabbi Lando is looking forward to increasing the visibility and accessibility of BC Kosher, not just within the business community, but also in the consumer community. Easy access to answers about kosher products and kashrut has been an issue in Vancouver for awhile, so we at Kosher Vancouver are watching eagerly.

We have been told to keep an eye out for classes, seminars, and events focusing on kashrut-related issues, as well as a new and improved, user friendly website. To contact Rabbi Lando with your kashrut questions, or for kashrut assistance:

Telephone: 604.267.7002
email Rabbi Lando

Kosher Vancouver thanks Camille Joseph, who is truly in Pursuit of Kashrut, for this brief


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