18 July 2005

Food:Cuckoo for coconut milk!

Coconut milk is one of those products that drives us a little crazy. We love cooking with coconut milk but with a hechsher at kosher stores it sells at outrageous prices (usually over $4 when non-certified coconut milk sells for less than half that price). But don't panic!

Fiesta Brand from the Phillipines (distributed by RV Industries to the US and Canada) has OK certification. We've found the Cream of Coconut (which is like thick coconut milk and easily diluted) in specialty Phillipino stores in Vancouver such as PAG-ASA Filipino mart, 185 E. 16th Avenue. (604-708-4166) Unfortunately, we've never seen Fiesta Brand in general Asian stores which seem to prefer coconut milk from China and Thailand (probably cheaper).

Here are links to the details you really should check before you go trusting something you've read on the internet:

OK Kosher Certification information for coconut products
RV Industries (Fiesta Brand)

There are a number of other brands that are allegedly kosher without a hechsher: some authorities permit Goya brand Coconut Milk when labeled "Product of Dominican Republic;" others say Aroy-D coconut milk is fine. We'd like to see something in writing from BCKosher before suggesting anyone use these brands.


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