21 September 2005

Food:It's a Mac-Off!

We recently discovered a brand of boxed mac&cheese that is COR kosher, so we had to try it. (See our review below) That got us to thinking about kosher mac&cheese options out there, so we did a little investigating. Reap the benefits of our curious obsession:

Amy's Kitchen Macaroni & Cheese
Amy's Kitchen Macaroni & Soy Cheeze
So many kosher cheese products, so little time!
Amy's Kitchen's kosher certification is from Rabbi Dov Hazdan of Ner Tamid K in Staten Island, NY. According to their website, their products are available at Loblaw's and natural food stores. We've seen Amy's products at Superstore, but since we didn't know they were kosher at the time, we didn't pay much attention. Kosher Vancouver will remedy that at our next earliest opportunity.

Foulds Macaroni & Cheese
Available at Kosher Food Warehouse. If you must.

The Old City Cafe Macaroni & Cheese
The only Cholov Yisroel Mac & Cheese** on the market, so they claim. We've never heard of it, seen it nor tried it. Anyone? Available at Kosher Food Warehouse.

Wacky Mac Macaroni & Cheese
Did you know Wacky Mac is actually the pasta they make and NOT the name of the Mac & Cheese? We didn't.
The standard. The king of kosher mac&cheese. Some families have a Friday afternoon tradition of Wacky Mac to tide the kids over for a late Shabbat dinner. Some adults who run a kosher website have a tradition of having it when we're they are just too tired to cook something healthy and adult-like.

And now, the new brand:
Macariz pastariso mac & Cheese
All caps are as per the packaging. And we're not sure why there is a cartoon elephant on the front, and a real elephant pictured on the back, but the information about the risk elephants face due to the loss of their habitat is interesting and sobering.
Pastariso is rice pasta. So all you gluten-free folks out there who are feeling deprived because you can't join in the mac&cheese frenzy, this product is for you! Kosher Vancouver is not in agreement about the taste of this product. Half the team really liked the rice pasta and white cheddar cheese, the other half felt the rice pasta was tasteless and watery. Try it and judge for yourself. Pastariso is available at Dan-D Market. Be warned: you will suffer wallet shock when buying Pastariso at Dan-D. Unlike the other brands of mac&cheese, which are only available at kosher stores, or in the separate kosher section of a supermarket, Pastariso is on the shelf right next to Kraft Dinner and other non-kosher brands, which range in price from $0.49 to $1.25. Kosher mac&cheese's are typically around $2.00.

You know where the Torah says that bit about not cooking a kid in it's mother's milk? G-d should have added, "and you will charge the same for kosher products as for non."

** update **
Tavor Macaroni & Cheese Dinner
Cholov Yisroel. They've got the Hebrew to prove it.
Discovered recently at Pini's, this product is super kosher - OU and COR - and very, very yummy.

If you've tried any of these products, and want to give us your input, let us know. Leave a comment, or email us.


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