29 September 2005

Restaurants:Chinese, anyone?

Kosher Vancouver finally made it to Sabra's new Chinese restaurant, and we must say, Brava!

We started with the vegetarian egg roll ($3.95). 4 small egg rolls arrived, with a very yummy filling. The wrap was a bit odd, however. It was very thick and doughy, not like a fried rice wrapper at all. The taste was okay, but the combination of the typical egg roll filling and the pastry-like dough wrapper made for a strange combination.

For the main course, we ordered the Kung Pau chicken ($12.95) and the Honey Beef ($15.95). The Kung Pau was mixed with green peppers, celery and peanuts, and for another odd bit, it also had potatoes. Weird, but it somehow worked.

The Honey Beef was delicious. Sliced ultra-thin, it was crispy, sweet and immensely satisfying. Kosher Vancouver diverged in our opinions here - half the team felt the beef was sliced perfectly, the other half felt the beef could have been thicker.

Both dishes came with a side of rice, but be warned: it's covered in an onion ginger sauce which was quite tasty, but was a strange mix with the Honey Beef. If you want your rice plain, you have to ask for no sauce.

The interior renovations are great (although we miss the booths a little bit). The menus are the same menus from before the renovation, with a photocopied sheet stuck inside that contains the Chinese menu. Rumour has it that new menus are on the way. We certainly hope so, because the old, worn-out menus really detracted from our pleasure at the new decor.

We were the only customers when we arrived, but within 15 minutes, the place filled up. When we asked our server how the new menu was being received, she told us the only things people are ordering are from the Chinese menu. Hmmm... what is it with Jews and Chinese food?

We give the new, improved Sabra's 3.5 stars out of 5, for the weird dough on the eggrolls, not informing us we have to ask for plain rice, and the old menus. Kosher Vancouver is definitely looking forward to going back.


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