16 November 2006

Krispy and Kreme-y, but not Koshery

In an off-blog inquiry by some loyal readers, we were asked about the Krispy Kreme store in Delta and the rumour that they are kosher. Like many others, we assumed that it was (don't know why, maybe the rumour was stated with such enthusiasm and conviction, we found it hard not to believe! Or maybe that Krispy Kreme-y goodness was just too inticing for us to confirm the rumour.)

BCKosher said the Krispy Kreme Delta (ya gotta feel sorry for some future Krispy Kreme Kamloops location) store was not supervised. So we at Kosher Vancouver did our krispy kashrut duty and checked into it. Here is what Kathleen Bishop, Krispy Kreme Customer Experience (rep? question-answerer? Or is that an existential statement: Krispy Kreme Customer Experience?) said:
All the ingredients used to make Krispy Kreme doughnuts are kosher; however, not all our stores are. The doughnuts in our Delta, B.C. store are made from kosher ingredients but the store itself is not kosher. The closest kosher store to Delta, B.C. would be the store at 3580 - 20th Avenue N.E. in Calgary, Alberta. KSA is the supervising group and the supervising rabbi is Rabbi Weiss who may be contacted at (905) 882-0790.
Actually, she might be wrong. The closest kosher store has got to be Seattle, no?

So spread the word. If you're KBI* then go for it. If you're not, as one of our readers said: gam zu l'tovah - it's probably better that way. Your heart will thank you.

*Kosher by Ingredient. You go by labels, hechshers be damned. Maybe we'll do a post about an incident one of our readers told us about when he looked at the ingredients of a package he bought where shrimp was listed in the French, but not the English. He went strictly kosher right after that event.