12 February 2007

Kosher Alert. We almost got too excited.

Because we loves our pasta sauce, and really wish there was a kosher cheesey pasta sauce:

from BC Kosher
February 12, 2007


We have been informed that Hunt's Thick & Rich Premium Pasta Sauce
Four Cheese (680 ML) was erroneously labeled with the OK symbol.
The product is NOT certified by the OK and is NOT kosher


07 February 2007

Death of a Dan-D

Alas. We had a post ready about a falsely advertised challah product available at the 67th and Oak Dan-D Market store, but the store is no more.

Fear not, the store on Broadway still exists. But no more last-minute dash to Dan-D for grape juice or inexpensive desert, no more late evening Yedda Chedda cravings satisfied for the Marpole Jewish community.

Ah, Dan, we hardly knew ya, but you'll be missed.