09 August 2005

Miscellaneous:No chocolate cake for you

Ah, sadly, Duncan Hines cake mixes will no longer be parve. Apparently, they are adding dairy to the mix to improve the product quality, much to the dismay of meat-eating, kosher-keeping folks everywhere. If you are dismayed and wish to contact the company that owns Duncan Hines, Pinnacle Foods, you may reach them in New Jersey toll free at 1.877.852.7424 or 1.856. 969.7100 or contact them through their website.

Or just make the kick-ass parve chocolate cake recipe found at the New York Times. It's so moist and yummy you won't believe it! You will need to login, though.

08 August 2005

Kosher Alerts:Trader Joe's beans

Posted: August 8, 2005
An unauthorized COR 386 has been put on the following products:

Trader Joe’s Chick Peas
Trader Joe’s Black Beans
Trader Joe’s Red Kidney Beans

These products are not kosher supervised.