08 May 2006

Superstore:No name? No treif!

Fresh veggies don't need a hechsher. Certain frozen veggies don't need a hechsher, according to some (plain, uncooked, no sauces or oils added, etc.). Canned, however, is a whole different ballgame. And finding canned vegetables with a reliable hechsher can sometimes be a challenge.

Be challenged no more! Superstore now has canned, hechshered vegetables (okay, they may have had them for a while, but we just noticed them). You creamed corn fans (corn muffins, anyone?) can get satisfaction via MK:

Green beans according to the OU?

Ooh, here's a fun idea for one of those treasure-hunt games: go to Superstore and see how many different hechshers you can find for the canned vegetables!

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