25 January 2005

Restaurants:Nava Creative Cuisine

Ah, Nava Creative Cuisine.

This is the name of the new café located at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver. As owner Harvey Sandler told the Jewish Western Bulletin, "We're going to have fresh omelettes in the morning and pastas in the afternoon that are made-to-order," he said. "We'll have quesadillas, burritos, wraps, soups and chili. And we'll still have pizza, but we can make more than just cheese pizza and it will be available when people want it." Jewish Western Bulletin, 14 January 2005

Read the full Jewish Western Bulletin article here.

We think this sounds yum: "roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes, spinach and goat cheese on a multi-grain baguette"

Open to 8pm Monday to Thursday, this means kosher Vancouverites have yet another place to go for dinner. Our hearts can't stand it. Neither can our wallets, because we've lost an excuse to stay home for dinner.

Mazal Tov and Hatzlacha (success) to Nava Creative Cuisine.

The list will be updated accordingly.


Blogger Chabad Chammer said...

My wife & I made our way over to Vancouver for a couple of days of dining out & shopping for tznius maternity wear. We stopped at Nava for lunch on Sunday, and were really disappointed. The only things on offer were tuna cheese melts & quesadillas. We were both quite disappointed.

8/23/2006 3:38 p.m.  
Blogger KosherVancouver said...

To be fair, you're judging them on the Sunday following the week of the Maccabi Games. We've eaten there numerous times - at less frantic times! - and have usually been quite pleased with the selection. Salmon burgers, an interesting selection of burritos, various salmon salads and sushi are the norm.

Definitely try them again!

8/23/2006 5:56 p.m.  
Anonymous Chabad Chammer said...

I previously commented negatively on Nava, and I need to retract it. Today we had two phenomenal meals there. First we had a great lunch of grilled sandwiches and sushi. Then we came back for dinner and had wonderful barbecued nosh. With Spice giving up its certification, and Sabra and Pini's becoming even more awful, it is really important that the community adequately support Nava.

8/02/2007 11:16 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had consistently wonderful meals at Nava over many years! The cafe is just the front of the business – wow the catering for large functions to luncheons is the backbone of the operation. In the cafe their wraps are amazing and the portion so generous as to be breakfast and lunch! I love the salads and the grilled sandwiches are excellent. I've ordered lunch platters for delivery – vegetarian sometimes as well as with meat others - on a number of occasions and honestly they are like something out of a gourmet magazine!!! Susy is a wonderful chef and with her son Jackie running the office and bookings they couldn't be more accommodating when you’re placing an order for delivery home or office or for catering function. They give suggestions that just simply take the presentation up a notch. I rank them at 100%!

5/13/2010 8:34 a.m.  

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