11 January 2005

Safeway:Sun Dried Black Olives

We here at KosherVancouver love sun dried black olives. Some of us hate the green ones, but that's another story. Anyway, up until recently these shrivelled-up little fellas have been next to impossible to find in Vancouver. Last year, Urban Fare began to carry a line called Santa Barbara Olive Co. All of their olives bear the KSA hechser, including their sun dried black olives. They were prices at $6.44 but were recently discounted to $3.99, a sure sign that this product is soon to be discontinued. Good news, however, from Safeway. On a recent visit to the Oakridge branch, we found Scarpone's brand sun-dried black olives, with a COR 77 hechser. Thank you Safeway!



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