17 January 2005

Seafood:fishheads, fishheads, roly poly fishheads

On Shabbat, we were having a discussion about where you can go to get good-quality, reasonably priced fish without having to worry about security tackling you for brandishing your sharp, pointy kosher knife. Turns out that place is Seven Seas Fish Market on West 4th.

Apparently, they are quite used to Jewish ninjas bringing their own knives to maintain the kashrut of the fish and have no problem with it. They are even accommodating enough to change gloves and search out a barely-touched piece of fish for people who have shellfish allergies, and worry about cross-contamination.

So, grab your knife and head over to Seven Seas:

Seven Seas Fish Market

2328 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6K 1P1


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